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Celebrate. Daily.


When Mrs. Goodman's opened in 1986, it quickly became THE place in Worthington to get a delectable, exquisitely decorated cake for a big celebration. We loved being part of our neighborhood's birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and weddings, but we knew those weren't the only things worth celebrating. In our minds, a sunny day in February or straight A's on a report card are celebration worthy, too. So, we've given ourselves a good, old-fashioned makeover to be as focused as much on small, everyday pleasures as we are on big events.


Today at Mrs. Goodman's, you'll still find the ever-so-special cakes you've always loved, but now you'll also find a bright, friendly, charming space in which to celebrate life's everyday moments. From our chewy, old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies and fudgy homemade brownies to our crumbly, fruit-filled scones and sinful cream pies, everything we make is baked fresh daily with the highest quality ingredients, just waiting for you stop by and enjoy.


We feel so blessed to be a part of the community and we want to help others celebrate, so each evening we deliver our remaining products to senior centers, homeless shelters, and any other place where we can be of assistance. It's just one more way we work hard to bake the world a better place!


Old-fashioned.  New-fangled.  And always baked with love.

Shortbread Cookies
Brown Sugar Walnut Cookies
Custom Cakes
German Chocolate
Cinnamon Rolls
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Cream Pie


City Scene Columbus: Best of the Bus 2013 Winner

"Best Cakes"

City Scene Columbus: Best of the Bus 2014 Winner

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